Selecting the right control room furniture is essential for your demanding mission-critical environment. This extends not only to ergonomic workstations, but also to chairs, screen displays and storage spaces.

The ideal control room furniture should organize these different pieces of equipment in an ergonomic way for quick and easy access. A haphazard control room will only lead to dangerous consequences.

Besides, your control room furniture could be hindering employees’ work efforts, resulting in hidden cost and productivity loss.


  1. Console Workstations

  • If your control room primarily consists of seated console workstations, your employees might be at an increased health risk that could impact their efficiency and productivity.
  • Studies have shown that working in the same seated position for 24/7 may lead to leg cramps, neck and back pain, muscle atrophy, obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, and blood clots.
  • To avoid these consequences and hidden costs, we should consider investing in ergonomically-design or adjustable height workstations for better posture and comfort throughout the day.
  • These types of console workstations are ideal for a control room as it can help your employee to maintain sustainable health and higher energy level.

  1. Screen Displays

  • If your control room only consists of one screen per workstation, it could impose significant reductions on tasks that can be accomplished efficiently simultaneously.
  • A recent study by Microsoft Research discovered that using multiple displays can help increase productivity by 9% for data entry tasks and up to 50% for copy and paste work.
  • Nevertheless, a single screen display workstation doesn’t offer the space required for large number of concurrent tasks.
  • Hence, single screen constraint could potentially slow down your employees’ progress and your business could be sacrificing significant profits.

  1. Inadequate Storage Spaces

  • Most of the office workstations come with some attached storage, such as a drawer, a shelf or a document tray.
  • However, if your control room furniture’s storage is not tailored for mission-critical environment requirement, then it may easily result in clutter and disorganized workstations.
  • In a mission-critical environment, it is crucial for central controls to be accessible 24/7, including proper cabling method and equipment storage in order to avoid workflow obstruction.


In conclusion, searching for the right control room console furniture should be the main priority of any project leader or operations manager.

If your control room is not optimally designed for your organization’s specific needs, the business could result in lost of productivity, wasted time and accidental shut-downs, which ultimately will hinder your organization’s progress for a long term.

If you’re planning to build new or upgrade your control room solutions like workstations, ergonomic design and build, or even visual displays, please feel free to reach out to us. The team at Redecon is happy to customize your control room furniture according to your specific requirements. Anyhow we’re just a text away :). Email us at


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