I’m sure, first thing comes in your mind about control room is a noisy congested and cold room with lots of people sitting diligently in front of big screen computer and non-stop ringing telephones.

Well, you’re almost right!

As what you thought, control rooms are the mind, heart and soul of monitoring and management practices for any organizations or company which required control rooms for 24 hours command and mission-critical environment.  In operation terms, smooth and well defined operations are the name of the game in any control room, as well as a distinct chain of command and clear procedural guidelines set forth by a control room manager.

So, can you get the idea what control room really is?

As a definition, control room is a central location whereas the technicians and managers manage everyday operations – as well as maintain and enact crisis operations- for a given entity. Meaning to say that, control room is where all the magic happens.

Today entry, we are exploring the differences between several types of control rooms. You’ll see and experience differ kind of control room, design, considerations and also get to know some similarities of the said control room from different industries.

Here, we have a list of several common applications for control rooms, as well as the considerations that you might need to take when building your own control room.

Security & Defense Control Rooms

Security and defense control room are the command centre for a security and defense force. That means being able to monitor and communicate effectively with the officers on duty in the field is paramount.

Along with the space needed for networking equipment and telephone or radio equipment, the security and defense stations have a particular need for monitors for surveillance.

Choosing the right furniture for security and defense control room means finding the right balance between accessibility and efficient ease for movement – there are times even the control room staff might need to be called into the field. Redecon partnered with key clients in security and defense to design control room consoles for this high-security and strategically sensitive industry.


Transportation control room solutions have been provided solutions for transport control room to monitor the flow of traffic, people and processes. Transport control room normally provide solutions for rail, road traffic, sea ports, tunnels and emergency rescue.

That means, the monitoring systems used in transport control rooms require large monitor wall backdrops to allow operators to view live images, maps and process levels. The operators in transport control room are working with multiple screens and keyboards.

Redecon has provided innovative and ergonomic control room console design solutions for clients in transportation command centres to ensure seamless operations in this time-sensitive environment.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy, oil and gas control room provide solutions to maintaining the integrity of the organization day-to-day operations and enable operators, supervisors, and management the process visibility they require of real-time data for optimal performance.

Refineries, Energy, and oil & gas, as well as large industrial complexes, bring their own challenges when designing control rooms.

Many of these types of control rooms need large equipment, ample desk space, and space for surveillance and monitoring devices. Redecon worked closely with a leading global energy, oil and gas company to provide a control room solution that supported seamless operations in this critical operational environment.

In conclusion, the needs of your particular industry or organization will determine what kind of control room you need. At large, there are two types of control rooms you can build, with the choice coming from equipment, mobility needs and staffing needs. You may visit our products catalogue about consoles and you may also take a look the control room design and solutions for other different industries done by Redecon team.

If you’re planning to build new or upgrade your control room solutions like workstations, ergonomic design and build, or even visual displays, please feel free to reach out to us. The team at Redecon is happy to customize your control room furniture according to your specific requirements. Anyhow we’re just a text away. Email us at sales-cfs@datumstruct.com