The MEARI series delivers state-of-the-art ergonomic office design, combining modern appeal with flawless engineering.

This newly developed console series is designed with a lower dependence on steel forming without compromising on the modern and futuristic appeal. The exterior panels are constructed by a thin yet durable compact laminate combined with an all-aluminium structural framework.

The combination of steel and aluminium structure allows for a rigid and sturdy framework. The K-style upright end panel offers a variety of finishing, such as glass, timber, or compact laminate with colour options to highlight the aesthetic design.

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Worktop with Ergonomic Edging

Manufactured using the highest quality compact laminate as a standard design, with furniture grade chipboard is available for an economical option.

Optional Adjustable LCD Mounting Aluminium Track

Adjustable LCD aluminium track for future add-ons and mobility of the arms.

Optional LCD Profile Base

Height adjustable LCD monitor arm supports an LCD monitor in a suitable ergonomic position for comfortable viewing.

Optional Tempered Glass VDU Rear Panel

Tempered glass VDU rear panel creates work surface modesty by creating a visual barrier in open spaces, offered with a variety of material such as medium-density fibreboard and phenolic compact laminate.

Front Access Panel

Ventilated front swing door and horizontal structure allows for efficient cooling of internal hardware.

End Panel Design

Main structure upright allows cables to enter the console from the raised floor, accessible by a removable hatch door.

Modesty Panel

Designed with solid material to generate a fresh visual feeling, with acoustic material as optional.


The MEARI V series offers premium command centre design that combines outstanding engineering with an elegant finish.

The solid surface end panel mimics the effect of a stone finish such as granite and marble, which is highly resistant to stains and scratches and is completely repairable.

The MEARI V series comes with two options, with the console able to be built with single or dual-tier desks based on user requirements. It is also available in a concave configuration suitable for command and control centre use.

End Panel Design

Explore the best in premium command centre design with the MEARI IV Series.



Designed to be simple, sleek and sexy, you can easily configure the Meari-Lite series in various ways to increase collaboration and workflow control between each operator.


With minimalism in mind, the Meari-K series features dynamic adaptability and is capable to withstand day-to-day operations without jeopardizing durability.


The Meari-V series offers a longstanding reputation of comfort and reliability, giving operators flexibility in any control room environment.


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