We can’t enable people to carry out tasks beyond their physical or mental abilities.. but we can reduce the opportunities for such slips and lapses of attention by changing designs or methods of working”  Trevor Kletz

Nowadays many company owner enjoy the idea of knowing exactly what is happening in their businesses by having control room as a central operation for their organization. Mostly, control room are equipped with surveillance and CCTV systems which has aided many of a company owner in achieving their needs.

However, do you know what is really happening in the control room?  And who’s operating and managing the control room?

Well, of course, control room needs an operator to control the systems and operate the control room which majority of them spending most of their time as supervisors and controller to monitoring the system.

Thus, control rooms with an ergonomic factor have a huge effect on the ability of the operators to stay alert and engaged over long shifts. It shows that, the control room design elements, playing an important role in empowering the operators to optimally handle and safeguard mission-critical processes.

So, today entry we are going to share with you several tips on how to increase the organization control room safety and how to ensure that it is safe and effective as it can be.

  • Identify the risks

Firstly, it is recommended that the organization or company do the risk assessment as well as needs assessment before them deciding to have control room or on any particular system. The main reason why we recommended for doing the said assessments is mainly to allow the organization or company to identify all the possible risk factors and also enable the organization effectively to find out solutions in advance for any circumstances that is tailored to the organization needs.

  • Down time

As we all know the technology is and has always been fallible. Nowadays, many control room solutions are very sophisticated and modern; also, many of these systems are not well or proper equipped for the simplest glitches such as power or network failures. Hence, when dealing with something as sensitive as surveillance it could be a complete disaster if a control room system is not been setting up with the appropriate contingency methods. It’d cause company’s stock loss or damage. Thus, many control rooms is using some other form of uninterruptible power system for their organization in case of emergency for any circumstances.

  • Fire Hazard

Besides having great backup system and risk management planning for the control room, it’s also recommended for the organization to take serious for another possible hazard, which is, fire. As a result of backup systems, control rooms are constantly running and this in itself is a fire hazard, it is therefore recommended that the organization to have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers in and around the control room as well as an effective sprinkler system. However, there are many protection systems on the market today that are tailored to these types of critical environments.

  • Human Negligence

Some organization may have the most sophisticated system on the market today but this does not account/ exceptional for any human error to be happened. Many really big mishaps only happen when line managers or an operator in the control room loses their focus for just a few seconds during operating/ managing the system.

Some of these operators work long shifts and many of them find it difficult to stay focused on the back of 12 hours shift. Hence, the operators will experience fatigue and lack of exercise takes a toll on them physically as well as mentally. If the organization business relies on a control room, it may be good idea to give the operator enough time off to recuperate or the organization may consider to rotating or shortening the working shifts. Moreover, having a tired person at the helm could cause your business a big amount of money.

In conclusion, careful consideration of the above factors before implementing your control room solution could make a great difference in the safety of your staff as well as your property.

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