Get-to-Know More about REDECON

For those whose first time heard about REDECON, let me share with you a short brief about our services.
For your information, REDECON is one of Datumstruct‘s premium brands for console desking systems,
accessories and other specialized products on control room console desk.

What’s the meaning of REDECON? Why you called yourself as REDECON?

Be patience ladies and gentleman. So, let me explain to you about REDECON history on how we got the name and also a bit of our mission and vision.

The terms of RE.DE.CON. (Pronounce as : Ray.Dee.Kon) are derived from “Redefine Conventions” that represents our company’s belief and ambitions of delivering the best user experience and continuous commitment to ReDefine Conventions in the command & control centre arena.

The products and services we provide at REDECON are applicable across a wide range of industries and
we are aiming to redefine conventions in ergonomic design through quality and innovative console desking.

For over two decades, our product and services provided are supplied for Banking & Finance, Government agencies, Defense Departments, Tertiary Education Institutes, IT & Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Energy, Transportation, Aviation, as well as Media Broadcasting.

However, not much people knows that, our REDECON products is supported by manufacturing facilities in both China and Malaysia with design centres in both countries as well. Hence, our consoles are innovatively  designed and crafted with the end use in the mind, allowing flexibility and modifications to accommodate our client business growth without major operational disruptions.

Aside from that, in REDECON, all of our products are designed in accordance to ISO:11064 standards and all aluminium profile extrusion molds are owned by Datumstruct, and REDECON reserves the sole exclusive rights of use.

At REDECON, we also combine exceptional engineering with outstanding service to deliver ergonomically designed consoles that meets rigorous standards and needs of your mission-critical operational environments and the team at REDECON takes each project as a unique execution – with a full commitment towards passionate detailing, ergonomic evaluations, aesthetic brain storming, functionality assessment and a meticulous pre/post project administration for each of our clients.


Hence, customers can expect holistic console services from our dedicated team at REDECON as we set our eyes in the global vision of the projects we carry out with our very own methodology, professional advices, initial planning concepts, console designing, to the execution stages and installation.

We also always believe in helping our customers to achieve theirs business goals and sustainable competitive advantage by following these three core values:

Aside from that, all of REDECON products are testified and certified as a quality, excellence and craftsmanship at the core of what we do. With all of these certifications, you can ensure that REDECON has all the necessary approvals to verify that the products will perform at the highest possible standard as indicated.

  1. ISO 9001
    REDECON has been at the forefront of implementing ISO 9001 best practices in command and control centres. Our ISO compliant control room emphasizes on delivering principles, recommendations and requirements for the room layout and dimensions. It aims to enhance the overall human performance and promotes safety best practices to the highest possible degree.
  2. Greenguard
    Greenguard certification is a part pf UL Environment, a business unit of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). REDECON is proud to have achieved the Greenguard Certification of indoor air quality for our entire console series. This demonstrates our commitment in being responsible for the environment by promoting low chemical emissions and cleaner indoor air.
  1. SGS
    SGS is a world-leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, demonstrating that the tested products, processes, systems and services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.
  1. FIRA
    FIRA certification is renowned globally for its expertise in furniture testing, research, consultancy, customer care, ergonomics, training and sustainability. This shows that REDECON products and installation processes are of the highest standard and are continually audited for consistent quality and appropriate dimensions. This certification also recognizes that REDECON designs and manufactures excellent products that are truly ergonomic.

To summarize all mentioned above, now I believe you know what are services we offered in REDECON and why most of our client is satisfied with our solutions and happy to work with us.

Hence, I’m confidently listing down all the reason why our clients chose us and what are the different between REDECON and our competitors’ product features and services in the market.

  1. We take seriously on ergonomic and human factors considerations for our clients working station and environment;
  2. We are resourceful in providing a wide range of quality products for various applications;
  3. We also very flexible by providing a bespoke program that personalize your unique identity;
  4. Most of our product are modular structure which suitable for expandability, re-configuration and relocation (less hassle);
  5. We are reliable and durable with sustainable performance;
  6. We also provide numerous options for visual display mounting, equipment integration and accessibility; and
  7. Lastly, our solutions are handled by our dedicated professional personnel who provide pre and post sales services to our clients.

In conclusion, searching for the right control room console furniture should be the main priority of any project leader or operations manager to enhance the employee productivity and gain more profit for long term operation.

If your control room is not optimally designed for your organization’s specific needs, the business could result in loss of productivity, wasted time and accidental shut-downs, which ultimately will hinder your organization’s progress for a long term.

If you’re planning to build new or upgrade your control room solutions like workstations, ergonomic design and build, or even visual displays, please feel free to reach out to us. Don’t be shy or afraid. The team at REDECON is happy to customize your control room furniture according to your specific requirements and needs. Anyhow we’re just a text away and you may reach us out from our facebook and LinkedIn page for fast response from our team. Email us at