The exploration of Virtual Reality (VR) is another example of how we have leveraged on technological advancement to innovate in the control room industry.

Just imagine presenting project ideas to your customers through a totally immersive experience. You can actually walk about, bend down or turn around to virtually check out the console for yourself.

Moreover, it is also equipped with a 360-degree motion tracking which allows the user to explore every aspect – from the front, side and back.

With VR, you are completely immersed in a whole other world. Now you don’t just see the 3D console drawing – you can feel it without having to build an actual one.

Not only is it cool, but it is practical, efficient and brings value-added benefits to the customer as they can make fully informed evaluations and decisions about the console design through VR visualization.

In fact, the entire VR experience reduces the physical experiential gap and provides a more realistic idea of what a console would look like in a control room space.

Since you are not confined to the computer screen, you can literally walk right up to the virtual console, look at all the details and review the human interface design which might not show up in 3D or architectural drawings.

Although VR is still a relatively new technology that has not been fully explored commercially, but its early product lifecycle capabilities are simply extraordinary. It’s truly amazing how you can be taken away into another dimension just by putting on the VR goggle headset!

Good news! This year, you can experience a 360-degree control room VR for yourself as the Redecon VR setup will be available at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 show which is located at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Please feel free to drop by our booth F55 from May 15 to 17 to enjoy the full VR experience with our team!

Don’t forget to invite your colleagues and industry partners too. See you there!

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