Everything you need to know about air sanitizer

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the whole world is affected and our country is not immune to it.

Hygiene and personal safety became the most important thing on everyone’s mind.

With good measures like social distancing, staying at home, working from home, lockdown of business premises, washing our hands frequently, we all will do our part to keep us and our community safe.

At Datumstruct, being in the business of designing and building critical facilities like a Control room, we are constantly looking for solutions to address critical problems, and Covid-19 is a huge problem . With that in mind , we have found  a unique product using Plascide Plasma Technology which was used to develop a unique product which is the subject of this article, the Air Halo.


Air Halo envisioned design is a portable air sanitizer that is powered by Plascide’s micro-lightning technology. It utilizes plasma to destroy germs and neutralize VOCs with unmatched performance. The unit includes a rechargeable battery that provides hours of protection while on the move. 

It has been verified as proven technology The performance of Plascide micro-lightning plasma technology is validated by well-known laboratory/authority – SGS & Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (PRC).

The capability of killing germs have been verified by laboratories such as Hong Kong University and City University of Hong Kong.

Air Halo’s Plascide technology delivers superior efficiency to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi when compared to Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, Photo-Catalyst Oxidation (PCO) and ionisers. Plascide does not rely on filters which have zero-sanitisation and can release pathogens during replacement.

Air Halo’s patented Plascide® technology sanitises 99 % of airborne pathogens. Within the Plascide air sanitisation reactor, an intense ionised gas field is generated at room temperature propelling the particles into an energetic state. Contaminated air is pulled into the Plascide reactor where the intense ionized gas field sterilizes pathogenic microbes.

Our products have been used for personal use like hand carry, in the car or at your desk and commercial use like in the office, in your bedroom or in your offices and even industrial usage like control towers, Railway stations, and some hospitals in China already.

You may watch the video of this product as attached below for your reference.

With the current situation that we are facing, DATUMSTRUCT aims to innovate new solutions with technology that ensure clean and sanitized environments. Thus, it is essential to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Please feel free to browse around and reach out to us if you have any questions or enquiries about our service and products. Email: sales-cfs@datumstruct.com 🙂

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