RE.DE.CON’s flexible and innovative design offers bespoke ergonomic products to meet the unique operational needs of your control centre.

The Bespoke series allows you to develop a personalised console either from scratch or from a base design, providing a unique identity exclusively for you. It can combine ergonomic design and ingenuity for a sit to stand electronically-controlled workstation with adjustable height that helps achieve maximum productivity.

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Optional LCD Profile Base

Height adjustable LCD monitor arm supports the LCD monitor in an ergonomic position for comfortable viewing.

Grommet Cable Access

Power cable management.

Optional Sliding Equipment Tray

Offers greater accessibility by placing the CPU on a heavy duty slide out tray.

Terminal Mounting Panel

Provides mounting panel for installation of the electrical component.

Variation of Worktop Colours

Provides end panels in 3 colour options to showcase the aesthetic design.


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